Maed Luggumt is a folk music power-trio consisting of three of the most prominent folk musicians in the Nordic countries: Jens Linell, Erik Sollid & Erlend Viken (SVER, GKN5, Valkyrien Allstars, Erlend Viken Trio, Ugagn and others). The trio offers a musty, well-seasoned and organic musical soup made with different folk traditions in an improvisatory flow.
The five-stringed hardangerfiddles, octave violins, old drums, and a singing tambourine gives the trio a vast musical landscape to traverse. Without deciding what, when and how to play they take off into the Norwegian mountains, deep in the Swedish forests or chilling on a Brazilian beach. Playfully interwoven like a yarn seam of sounds, melodies, and sounds. No concert is the same, creating room for a sincere and deep presence in the space created by the music, for both the audience and the musicians.


Maed Luggumt music on Soundcloud

Some pics by Knut Utler


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